It has come to BLS International’s attention that, non-accredited travel agencies misrepresenting themselves as accredited travel agents or representatives have approached people to offer fraudulent/fictitious Visa Submission opportunities, with the intent to solicit money from people. BLS International Service LLC encourage the Visa Applicant/user to exercise caution and common sense when receiving any such Visa submission offer, which requires payment of any fees/money, or promises Indian visa in exchange for money. The said offers are completely fake and not valid. BLS International Service LLC is not an Embassy and does not guarantees any Visas. Scammers operate primarily via the internet, email, phone etc. BLS International Service LLC warns people to beware of such scams.

Please be advised that, BLS International Service LLC is a visa processing company located at Novy Arbat. House 2, 4th Floor, office no. 412 in Moscow and 26, Liteiny Prospect, office no 205, 2nd floor at St. Petersburg and works only with government and diplomatic missions to fulfil their administrative requirements of visa application processing. Neither BLS International Service LLC nor its representatives will ask for money from individuals under any circumstances to lure them with Visa Submission opportunities either in BLS International Service LLC or outside. If you receive any offer that purports to be from BLS International

Service LLC, which ask for money, these types of offers are fraudulent.

Warning signs of fraudulent travel agencies.

The following are some examples of fraud travel agencies which are in violation of BLS International’s processes and ethical practices:

  • The email is not sent from an official BLS International Service LLC e-mail address but from a free e-mail service such as: Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. It is also possible that, the email is sent from a fake email address.
  • The Visa Applicant/Users are asked to disclose private or confidential information.
  • The Visa Applicant/Users are requested to pay fees/money.
  • The Visa Applicant/Users are requested to complete bogus travel documentations
  • Insistence on urgency.
  • Money will be requested in advance for processing Visa applications or the like.

Such actions are presumably intended to defraud or obtain personal information from the victims.

The activities of these individuals involve criminal and civil liabilities. While BLS International Service LLC takes such matter seriously and reserves its right to contact competent law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute such illegal activities, it is often difficult to locate and prosecute these individuals.

Therefore, if the Visa Applicant/Users receive a request, either in writing or verbally, for a discussion or Via offer that is believed to be or might be fraudulent or suspicious, BLS International Service LLC urges the users to disregard them and verify the same with BLS International Service LLC at

If the Visa Applicant/Users come to know that a fraud is being perpetrated, BLS International Service LLC encourages to forthwith contact the local police and/or any competent authorities and also to keep BLS International Service LLC informed by reporting the fraud to our Compliance officer at

Under no circumstances will BLS International Service LLC be liable or responsible for any loss, damages, expenses or inconvenience resulting from these unauthorized persons and/or activities.

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