Business Visa

Who can apply?

  1. Foreign nationals who visit India to start a business or to explore possibilities of starting a business.
  2. Foreign nationals coming to India to purchase / sell various kinds of industrial and commercial products and services.
  3. Foreign nationals coming to India for meetings, participation in meetings, congresses, etc. to support the business.
  4. Foreign nationals who are partners in business or working as CEO of the Indian company.
  5. Foreign nationals coming to India for consultations on exhibitions, participation in exhibitions fairs, etc.
  6. Foreign buyers, collaborating with suppliers from India (or having the potential suppliers) that are sent to India to address various issues in production and export of goods (check the quality of goods, exchange specifications, and order placement, negotiations on further cooperation).
  7. Foreign experts, members of existing projects, go to India for a short period of time to meet with partners, monitoring the development of production, etc.
  8. Foreign nationals coming to India for pre and post-sales activities, which is not the actual execution of any contract.
  9. Foreign employees of international companies coming for training its branch office \ office in India.
  10. Foreign students sponsored by AIESEC (International Association of Students. Studying economics and management) and to India for practice from the companies and industrial enterprises.
  11. Foreign nationals coming to India for the purpose of repair or replacement of equipment, troubleshooting, or errors for the obligations of the contract.
  12. Foreign nationals (engineers and technicians), coming to India for installation and commissioning of equipment for the obligations of the contract for supply of this equipment.
  13. Foreign experts coming to India for training personnel of the Indian company.
  14. Foreign experts coming to India for technical support, transfer of knowledge and new technologies, for which the Indian donates cash foreign company.
  15. Foreign nationals coming to India as travel agents, tour guides and / or the organizers of business trips for foreign citizens, etc.

Required Documents

  1. A valid passport for travel abroad (passport validity must be at least 6 months from the date of application for a visa in the passport must be at least two-page opening).
  2. Application form in one copy, filled in English on the website, printed and signed in two places: under the photo at the end of the questionnaire.
  3. 1 color photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm) of good quality, on a white background.
  4. The copies of the relevant pages of the Internal Passport (front page, the page where the address is mentioned, the page about previously issued international passports)
  5. Copy of the photo page of the International Passport
  6. Round trip tickets (subject to availability)
  7. Confirmation of booking (subject to availability)
  8. A letter of invitation from the concerned company in India with signature and stamp (also need to provide a copy of the certificate of incorporation)
  9. From a pharmaceutical company in India always ask for a license to sell medical goods- Membership Certificate of the Export Promotion Council (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council)
  10. Original letter of petition from the company in Russia, with an English translation. Must provide a copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company and its translation (not notary) into English. The letter must be on the letter head of company with original stamp and signature.
  11. In the letter invitation from Indian company and in the letter of petition from the company in Russia must be specified: period of visa, number of entries, passport's details of applicant
  12. If the applicant is the founder / director of a company registered in India under the "Companies Act" must provide an original or certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, issued by Registrar of Companies, in which this company is registered, the applicant is registered as a director.
  13. If the applicant has two valid international passports, he should have a copy of second passport and the copy of the last visa.
  14. If the applicant has two citizenships he should have copy of second passport.
  15. The deadline for issuance of visas for Russian citizenship is 5 working days and more.
  16. The deadline for issuance of visas for foreigners is up to 5 working days and more.

Citizens of other countries should provide the following additional documents:

  1. A copy of migration card, a copy of registration certificate / visa, as well as evidence of their work in the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 2 years. If the applicant in the last two years living in Russia, you must provide copies of supporting documents (visa / registration, work permit, residence permit, etc.).
  2. Additional Form for Foreigners.

Application for submission of documents for visa may be filed by the applicant in person OR through accredited travel Agency OR by a Notarized Power of Attorney

Visa Fee Schedule

Visa Fee (October 1, 2018)

As part of further liberalization, simplification and rationalization of visa regime in India to facilitate greater movement & interaction between the people of the two countries, multiple entry, Tourist and Business visa for a period of 5 years can be granted to the Russian nationals.

The Visa Service Charge for the nationals of the Russian Federation and the visa fee for the remaining nationalities have been adjusted to the prevailing exchange rates. The new rates for the Visa Service Charges for all types of visas for the Russian nationals is as follows :

Entry/Type of visa Visa Fee ICWF Service Charge Grand Total
Single Entry 2922 220 237 3379
Double Entry 6574 220 237 7031
Multiple Entry 8765 220 237 9222

The new rates shall come into effect from October 1, 2018. The Government charges @ Russian ICWF charge - Ruble 207/- and the service charges of the Outsourcing Agency will continue to remain the same till further notice.

In addition to the visa fee RUB 237 will be chargeable (per application) as BLS service charge.

  1. Belarus Nationals

Business Visa Fee Structure

Validity of Visa


(Upto 1 yr, S/M)

Rubles 6991

  1. Kazakhstan Nationals

Business Visa Fee Structure

Validity of Visa


(Upto 1 yr, S/M)

Rubles 6991

  1. Uzbekistan Nationals

Business Visa Fee Structure

Validity of Visa


(Upto 1 yr, S/M)

Rubles 6991

  1. Ukraine Nationals

Business Visa Fee Structure

Validity of Visa


(Upto 1 yr, S/D/M)

Rubles 7574

(Upto 1 yr to 5 yr, S/D/M) Rubles 14565

The above rates are excluding service charge and ICWF fee.

  1. British Nationals : (w.e.f. January 04, 2016 in Rubles)


Validity of the Visa Revised Fees


Up to 1 Year (S/M entry)

Rubles 16115

1 year to 5 years, ME

Rubles 48344




DPR of Korea





South Africa


  1. Special category countries:

Special category countries


Visa not required except when entering from China and that too gratis


Visa not required


RUB 605


RUB 1805


RUB 1555


Rubles 905

Sri Lanka

Business Visa (6 months)- RUB 655
Business Visa (1 Year)- RUB 855


Business Visa Fee

Business Visa (+Upto 6 M SE & 1 Yr ME)


Visa Fee


Visa Fee





Czech Rep.






Saudi Arabia














New Zealand









Processing Time


Term reviewed Usually, however, this time depends on various factors, such as location, place of issue of your old passport, your current visa status, etc., and may vary from time to time. The time mentioned here does not include shipping time spent at work courier companies. Incomplete applications will result in delays in issuing visas and applicants must comply with any changes in the order that may arise during this time.

We kindly ask you to start preparing for the trip only after receiving the service. BLS / OT / CGI is not responsible for any claims relating to inconveniences or penalties when an applicant is required to make changes to their travel plans due to delays and / or inconvenience because of the refusal of a visa.

Average processing time is 5 business days for all types of visas, including business visas, provided that all documents are in order. However, the issuance of visas for foreign citizens to be more long-term process and takes longer.